May 16th

Information overload causing consumers to doubt food choices

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WASHINGTON — Conflicting information about food, nutrition and what products consumers may want to consider eating or avoiding is making people doubt the choices they make, according to the International Food Information Council Foundation’s (IFIC) 2017 Food and Health Survey.
The situation shows in the survey when a majority of consumers said they seek health benefits from what they eat and drink, most notably weight loss, cardiovascular health, energy and digestive health, but almost half are unable to identify a single food or nutrient    read more:


Confused shopper


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Feb 3rd

Modernist Cuisine

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For the general style of cooking, see molecular gastronomy.
Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking
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The six volumes of Modernist Cuisine
Author Nathan Myhrvold with Chris Young and Maxime Bilet
Cover artist Ryan Matthew Smith
Country United States
Language English
Publisher The Cooking Lab
Publication date
14 March 2011
Media type Print (hardcover)
Pages 2,438
ISBN 978-0-9827610-0-7
OCLC 711381030
LC Class TX651 .M94 2011
Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking is a 2011 cookbook by Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young and Maxime Bilet. The book is an encyclopedia and a guide to the science of contemporary cooking.[1] Its six volumes cover history and fundamentals, techniques and equipment, animals and plants, ingredients and preparation, plated dish recipes and a kitchen manual containing brief information on useful topics.[2] At the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2010 the book was named “the most important cookbook of the first ten years of the 21st century” and was introduced into the group’s hall of fame.[3] Containing 2,438 pages and weighing in at 23.7 kilograms (52 lb),[4] the book has been described as the “cookbook to end all cookbooks.
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Feb 3rd

Master Chef

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Feb 1st

Coupe du Monde Patisserie 2017

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La France s’est imposée lors de l’édition 2017 de la Coupe de Monde de la Pâtisserie, rendez-vous international référent de la profession depuis 1989, créée par Gabriel Paillasson, président fondateur. Parmi les 22 équipes composées de 3 professionnels spécialisés (sucre, chocolat, glace) venues de 4 continents, l’équipe de France composée d’Etienne Leroy, Bastien Girard et Jean-Thomas Schneider a réussi un parcours sans faute au terme de 10 heures d’épreuves, suivie par le Japon et la Suisse. 

La France obtient le trophée comme en 2013, grâce à un très beau travail d’équipe et des notes de dégustation qui ont fait la différence. Le Japon prend définitivement ses habitudes dans le trio de tête et prouve sa grande régularité parmi les meilleures nations de la pâtisserie. Après une longue absence, la Suisse n’a pas mis longtemps à retrouver le chemin du podium et offre une belle surprise après la wild card obtenue à la Coupe Europe en janvier dernier. 

Gabriel Paillasson, président fondateur de la Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie, exprime sa satisfaction sur le concours : « Toutes les nations, même les moins aguerries ont fait du très bon travail. C’était un magnifique événement avec beaucoup d’ambiance, à l’image de la belle évolution de la pâtisserie dans le monde. » 

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Nov 9th


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Bread is a staple food prepared from a dough of flour and water, usually by baking. Throughout recorded history it has been popular around the world and is one of the oldest artificial foods, having been of importance since the dawn of agriculture.

Proportions of types of flour and other ingredients vary widely, as do modes of preparation. As a result, types, shapes, sizes, and textures of breads differ around the world. Bread may be leavened by processes such as reliance on naturally occurring sourdough microbes, chemicals, industrially produced yeast, or high-pressure aeration. Some bread is cooked before it can leaven, including for traditional or religious reasons. Non-cereal ingredients such as fruits, nuts and fats may be included. Commercial bread commonly contains additives to improve flavor, texture, color, shelf life, and ease of manufacturing.

Bread is served in various forms with any meal of the day. It is eaten as a snack, and used as an ingredient in other culinary preparations, such as sandwiches, and fried items coated in bread crumbs to prevent sticking. It forms the bland main component of bread pudding, as well as of stuffings designed to fill cavities or retain juices that otherwise might drip out

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Oct 14th


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Randomized trial suggests eating bread made with ancient grains

could benefit heart health

September 28, 2016
Taylor & Francis
Eating bread made with ancient grains could help lower cholesterol and blood glucose, a recent randomized trial suggests. Compared with modern grain varieties which are often heavily refined, ancient grains offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory profiles. They also contain beneficial vitamins (B and E), minerals (eg, magnesium, iron, potassium), which protect against chronic diseases.
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Sep 24th


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Jul 31st


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Jul 30th

2016 New michelin Guide

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2016 new guide Michelin

The wait is over and the results are out, with the new guide no doubt bringing with it frustration and elation in equal measure. Still considered by many to be the ultimate restaurant guide, a nod from Michelin can turn even the remotest restaurant into a popular dining destination and add perennial appeal to venues in otherwise seasonal locations.

There were seventeen new entries this year, with fifteen restaurants being awarded their first star. The announcement yielded some interesting regional results, with both Newcastle and Leeds gaining their first stars in some years. Northern Ireland fared well, with Belfast now holding two Michelin stars, while down in the Republic of Ireland, Dublin lost two stars, gained a new one and there was a new star won for Galway by Loam.

While there were no new entries into the two and three star categories last year, this year’s list sees two restaurants awarded two Michelin stars. These restaurants, Umu and The Araki, are both Mayfair-based Japanese restaurants – perhaps unsurprising given the growing popularity of Japanese fine dining around the world and the guide’s growing presence in Japan.


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Jul 8th

3 Important Things You Need To Sort Out When Hosting An Anniversary Dinner At Home

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Being in a relationship usually means always finding ways to show your partner that you love them. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by commemorating some of your achievements in the most memorable manner possible. For instance, when you are in a relationship, you may need to celebrate the anniversary of the relationship with your loved one. The commonest way to do this for most people is to simply go to a restaurant and have a nice time reminiscing about it while enjoying a nice meal. However, if you are interested in making it as memorable as possible, you might need to think outside the box in order to give it a more special feel.

Having the celebration at home

One of the ways of doing this is by organizing the anniversary celebrations at home rather than having to go out. This is a very good way of doing it when it’s impossible or inconvenient to go out. Most people think that celebrating an anniversary at home is a boring thing. However, the fact of the matter is that as long as you plan it properly, you are likely to end up having a lot more fun compared to even visiting a restaurant. Some of the issues you need to address in order to facilitate this include:

• Have the catering done properly


The first thing you will need to address is the kind of catering that you get. Being a special event, it might not be a good idea for you to cook what you regularly eat. In such a setting, it would be a good idea for you to shoot for something out of the ordinary. For instance, there are some catering companies which can send you a personal chef for such an occasion. The benefit of hiring such a catering service is that you will end up having the kind of food you would eat in a high quality restaurant right in your living room. The best thing about it is that since the chef will be in the house, you can ask them to make the food however you want it made.

• Sort out the ambience

You might also need to figure out how to make the ambience feel a bit more special. There are a number of things that can be done in order to facilitate this. For instance, you could make it a candlelit dinner instead of a regular one. You can even take it one step further and get scented candles instead of the regular ones. You might also need to have it tidied up to make it more attractive.

• Dealing with the kids

If you have kids, you may also need to factor them when you are planning an anniversary dinner at home. If you need to have some privacy, you should arrange to have them hosted in another location. For instance, you can ask a friend or family member you trust to take care of them for the duration that you want them to. This way, you can then have some privacy during the event.

In summary, it is important to know that having a special anniversary dinner at home is a very good idea, but only if you plan and execute it well!

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