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Chef Alain is a talented, well experienced chef who has decided to offer his services for an fine_dining

unforgettable meal in the privacy of your home, without the constraints of preparation!
The space of your house will turn into a great restaurant experience to share with wonderful friends and family.
Born in France, Normandie, were he received his formal training in Classic French cuisine, Alain has developed over the
years a strong interest in many of the other great cuisines of the world.
Alain worked in the South of France at Porquerolle Island, Le Trayas near Cannes and at the Winter Resort in Courchevel .
He ran L’Amuse Gueule Catering Service in the 90s to the early 2000s. In this capacity he
offered a full range of catering and event planning services for all types of businesses and
personal occasions, including government VIP’s and numerous Embassies.
For table setting,centre pieces,napkin folding,wine recommendation etc… Erlene Leslie’s long
experience in the hospitality Industry, international travels for over 25 years and living and
entertaining overseas for 15years,will ad a special touch to any event. This extra service can be provided upon special request

 Our Service
To Invite your friends and not have to think about the preparation of the meal, here is the true
mission of our concept. Simply choose the menu you wish to taste and we takes care of the rest.
From the conception and preparation of the menu to the tidying up
of your kitchen, we are fully committed to the true success of your
To be adapted to your needs, we offer both French Classic Cuisine
and Modern Fusion Cuisine. The proposed Great Classic meals
will give you the opportunity to enjoy them in their true refined and
noble forms. Our Fusion style cooking will allow you to experiment
unusual and exotic flavoured dishes for your great enjoyment.